A Healthier You!

Staying healthy or getting healthy is a choice we all have to make. Doing it wtih toxic free, organic products makes it easier.

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Marketing Made Easy!

Whether online or off marketing has never been easier! Do it yourself or completely done for you.

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A Bit of This and That

Blogs,informative and fun articles. Things to make you think or just chuckle.

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 I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother. I have always worked outside my home except when my girls were small and then again when they started to school. I have worked in family businesses, we have owned our own business and I have owned my own. I could choose to look back and say what a roller coaster ride. I can look back and maybe have a few regrets. But I CHOOSE to look forward and KNOW who I am…and WHERE I am going!! I am painting my life anew!!! Yes at 67 I have a vision…I have goals and new dreams….and continuation of some older ones! But This is MY life and I am painting a MASTERPIECE!I have studied and been involved in the alternative medicine industry for over 40 years. I owned my own herb and vitamin shop for 12 years, building relationships with customers, helping them improve their health while making lifestyle changes. Living as toxic free and naturally as possible has been a lifestyle for me.

I am an accountant and recently bought the firm where I work. I am an entrepreneur and constantly learning new aspects of business.

So using a lifetime of experiences, I have started a new adventure. The world of the internet, blogging, marketing, and sales. Wow, talk about a life change! But I love people, I love connecting with them and teaching them the things that I have learned.

So come along for the ride. Let’s learn, live and build together!