An Attitude of Gratitude!!!

Today I sit here remembering things. My oldest grandson Chris is 26, oh my goodness 26 years old !!!! Like all parents and grandparents, it seems only yesterday he was born. How the years have flown by and the memories that have been made with all of my grandchildren. I think of the times that he has sat on my lap playing games or reading books to a time right before Christmas when I lost him in the house. Finally, I found him in the pantry. When I opened the door he looked up at me and said, “Nana, would you close the door, please? I am talking to Santa.”

With that little story and I am sure turning Chris’ face red, life is so full of joy, love, and wonderful things. It can also be full of trials and worries. But take the time to look around. There are so many that have more serious problems than we do. We are all truly blessed! We may not have all the money or things we want. But we have what we need in most cases. Our gratitude should show to everyone. Our gratitude should be marked by what we do for others!!

The is a wonderful southern gospel singer, Michael Combs, that sings a song that the last verse says it best.

If God Gives Me Strength And Courage
When The Way Grows Steep And Rough
I’ll Not Ask For Other Blessings
I’m Already Blessed Enough
and May I Never Be Too Busy
to Help Others Bear Their Loads
then I’ll Keep Drinking From My Saucer
“Cause My Cup Has Overflowed!”


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