Everyday Achievements! Just Do Them!

Everyday Achievements!  Just Do Them!

Many that know me, know that one of my favorite women is Helen Keller. Her struggles and life accomplishments are at best remarkable. But have you ever read and thought about the most important person in her life….Anne Sullivan?
Anne Sullivan became ill at the age of 5 years old and as a result became blind. Her father abandoned the family…..her mother died when Annie was 8. She and her brother were sent to the “almshouse” (poor orphanage) where he died 3 months later. With none of the “necessary ” skills, reading, writing, sewing Annie could not even get a position as a housemaid.
Her journey for education and the trials of learning are to ay the least interesting. After her graduation, she met Helen Keller through Alexander Graham Bell. Another journey begins!!!
We all know the story of Helen….but can you imagine what would have happened to her if Annie had “given up”? Can you imagine the “determination” of this young blind woman teaching another that was also a deaf-mute? Better yet, can you imagine the “joy” and sense of “accomplishment” the day that Helen learned the word “water”?
At one time I too was almost totally blind, not so many years ago. I feel that my love of these two women in the years prior to my blindness are what made my determination to “not give up” so profound.
Here is my challenge to you….first read a bit about these women. Second try blindfolding your eyes for just a half hour!! See how much you take the “little things” in life for granted. Can you pour yourself a glass of milk? Do you “see the smile” on someone’s face? How about something as simple as putting toothpaste on your brush?
DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!! No matter what it is you are trying to do you CAN DO IT! No matter how big or small the GOAL just DO IT! Walk with the pride and knowledge that you can do anything you choose if you TRY!


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